Today’s young people are confronted with more voices than ever, telling them what it means to really live. But we’ve found that a life that’s full of enduring meaning & satisfaction is found only by walking with God through faith in Jesus Christ. That’s being Full of It . . . LIFE!

So within a relationship – oriented setting, we’re partnering together to help young people understand what it means to willingly invite Jesus into their lives, experience a caring community, grow to be like Jesus in every way, discover & express the unique way they have been shaped to serve others & bring honor to God with their lives. There’s no better life than one spent following Jesus!


We exist to point young people toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them to . . .Live & Learn to Love God, Love People & Change the World!


Teenager’s are not all the same. With this in mind, our youth ministry does it’s best to minister to young people right where they are emotionally, physically & spiritually. Whether a young person is in grades 6-8, or grades 9-12, there is a safe place for them in our ministry.


When most people think of youth ministry, they often think of programs. Our programs exist only to support our purpose, to help reach our audiences & reflect our values.

Live represents fellowship, a symbol of living together as the body of Christ, experiencing a caring community through . . . Small Groups, OTTAGETTU, hanging out @ Taco Bell, etc.

Learn represents discipleship, growing to be more like Jesus in every way, through . . . Sunday AM D.I.G., Devotional Life, Bible Study, etc.

Love God represents worship, or brining honor to God with our lives through . . . OTTAGETTU, Sunday AM Worship, Creation, Winter Retreat, etc.

Love People represents service, generously giving ourselves to others by meeting their needs with love, through . . . Monthly Missions, Fundraisers, Student Leadership, Summer Missions Trips, etc.

Change the World represents evangelism, compassionately revealing the God News to our world through . . . Friendship Evangelism, Almost New Year’s Party, OTTAGETTU, Creation, Fall Fest, etc.

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